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You’ve chucked your petroleum-filled lip balms, your paraben-laden moisturizer, and your aluminum-based deodorant. But what about your shampoo bottle?

That’s why we turned to an OG on the natural hair care scene, John Masters Organics, to get schooled in how to achieve hair #goals—without the use of potentially problematic chemicals.

Yep, it’s easy to forget that hair care is still an important part of your beauty routine, even when it’s not going directly on your skin. But that doesn’t mean that the chemicals found in many commercial conditioners and hairsprays (ahem, scalp contact and air fumes) are exempt.

And over the holidays—when you’re gussying up for party after party with the aim of shiny, gorgeous, supermodel strands—it’s more essential than ever.

The entire line is free of artificial dyes, fragrances, and ingredients—it’s boosted by natural, plant-derived preservatives instead—and comes in recyclable packaging printed with soy ink. So you can support the planet while you get the healthy hair of your dreams.

Ready to go green? Scroll down for five steps to get gorgeous hair the organic way.Photo: John Masters Organics

Step 1: Lavender Rosemary Shampoo, $16
The first step? Cutting out sodium lauryl sulfate, the sudsy detergent that’s been linked to skin and eye irritation (and gets a bad rap for reportedly drying out your hair).

Instead, rely on lavender extract to help normalize your scalp. Then rosemary (to aid in growth, volume, and shine) and soy protein (which is said to strengthen hair follicles) will do the rest. Oh, and it’s even safe to use on color-treated hair.Photo: John Masters Organics

Step 2: Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner, $22
Yup, lavender is about to become your hair-taming BFF. In this case, it’s used to treat irritated scalp problems. When combined with super moisturizing avocado oil, it’s a total dream team.

Also present? White tea, which is known for its detoxifying properties, and arnica, which purportedly stimulates hair growth. AKA, maybe you’ll no longer have a fistful of hair in your drain every time you shower.

Photo: John Masters Organics

Step 3: Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer, $23
Now we’re on to the post-wash treatment. This elixir fights back against thinning hair with 17 herbs and essential oils, meaning your black turtleneck and furniture will thank you. The formula’s packed with scalp-friendly ingredients like stimulating thyme, detoxifying Irish moss, and anti-inflammatory Chinese herb gotu kola.

Here’s the idea: All of these plant-derived ingredients work toward stimulating circulation and dissolving buildup at the root, encouraging follicles to grow up (mega volume) and out (mermaid length). Plus, you can just rub it in and go—this one’s a leave-in serum.Photo: John Masters Organics

Step 4: Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer, $20
Your friends lavender and rosemary are joined here by moisturizing jojoba oil and cedarwood, which is used to treat oily scalp and dandruff (so it won’t make your hair greasy).

Rub it on wet or dry hair to smooth flyaways as you head from the studio to your friend’s holiday bash—and put #frizzyhairdays to bed.Photo: John Masters Organics

Step 5: Hair Spray, $24
Now that your strands have been washed, stimulated, and smoothed, it’s time to style. And yes, a USDA-certified organic hair spray does exist—in an environmentally friendly, non-aerosol bottle, to boot.

Most hair sprays you pick up at the drugstore use plastic polymers for hold. This formula, however, relies on plant-based ingredients like xantham gum to get that stay-in-place effect. Meanwhile, nourishing aloe vera and bergamot help protect your hair against damage.

Spray on sleek ponytails, voluminous half-up hair, or braided updos to get wow-worthy styles all season long—the healthy way.