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Thalgo Treatments

Thalgo Philosophy

Experts in marine skincare and spa therapies for over 40 years, Thalgo has drawn on the riches of the ocean to develop exceptional profeesional beauty therapy treaments. Their concept is taken from thalassotherapy, the treatment of the body using natural sea water.

Thalgo has a treatment for everyone, whether your concerns are detox, firming, anti-ageing, rebalancing or purifying. Choose your Thalgo treatment today, and discover our amazing range of facial and body treatments, renowned for their incredible results.

Step into a cocoon of wellbeing and experince a world of marine beauty. All Thalgo treatments begin with the modelage de la mer massage to soothe away tensions and restore your energy balance.


Body Treatments

Rebalancing Back Treatment              

Rich in natural active marine algae, this treatment cleanses and purifies to leave the skin radiant and replenished. Incorporating a relaxing back massage to ease away tension, this treatment will rebalance your body and mind.


Marine algae envelopement               

Immerse your body in the richness of marine algae, and let it infuse its minerals, vitamins and mico-nutirents to your skin for intensive re-mineralisation and detoxification. The classic Thalgo treatment, it activates circulation, relives aches and pains, and provides deep relaxtion. It''s the perfect prelude to any slimming treatment, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.     


Thalgomince Warm Body Wrap             

The perfect treatment to kick start or maintain weight loss, or simply tighten or tone. With new Thalgomince LC24 technology, this treatment incorporates a specialised massage to break down fatty deposits. The active ingredient AIPO - RESET actually reprogramme''s fat storing cells into slimming mode, while other powerful ingredients target cellulite, and infuse caffine to maintain results.   


Pregnacy Pamper                 

Delve into the comfort of this hydrating and toning treatment, and prepare your skin for new life. Marine algae, elastin and wheat germ oil combined with the plant extracts to strengthen skin tone and restore firmness. This treatment can be undertaken throughout pregnancy to improve elasticity and reduce the apperance of stretch marks.   



Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a journey to distant continents for total relaxation. Escape to the mediterranean for the delicious combination of sweet and savoury in the most smoothest exfoliation. Next to Egypt in the veil of precious milk bath. Then travel to India Ayurveda, to release tensions with an energising balm and luxurious massage. In the Chinese step,the entire body is wrapped in sublime silk. Fianlly you wil return, relaxed and remembering your vital self.   



Thalgo Facials

Purity Ritual Facial                                                        £22

Experience the purity of marine beauty. Cleanse and restore your skin with this refreshing treatment, tailored to your skin type and specific concerns. Whether you want to maintain optimum hydration, combat problem skin or soothe sensitive skin, your therapist will find the optimum combination. This is also the perfect “express facial” if you’re on the go, for an instant infusion of marine active ingredients and essential nutrients.



Rebalancing Facial with Micronized Marine Algae               

Let your skin regain its natural balance through the power of the sea. Ideal for combination, oily and problem skin types, this anti-bacterial rebalancing treatment, featuring Thalgo’s patented micronized marine algae, delivers all its wealth of natural minerals, vitamins and marine extracts through gentle purifying warmth. Your skin feels deeply cleansed, re-mineralised and beautifully matte. Perfectly hydrated, its healthy balance is restored. This treatment can also be adapted to treat all affected areas such as back and shoulders.




Oxygen Facial                                                            

A true breath of oxygen for stressed, polluted and dull skins, this gentle smoothing and brightening facial reveals your skin’s true radiance. Enriched with marine BHA’s and vitamins, vital micro-nutrients are restored and your skin feels nourished and revitalised. It’s the perfect beauty boost, and the ideal city dweller facial.



Extreme Comfort Facial                                       

A deeply moisturising and soothing treat for dry and fragile skin, this nourishing facial provides intensive comfort to dehydrated skin. These comforting massage movements truly relax you, and the lipid-boosting algoega complex and Shea butter ingredients are renowned for their healing and restructuring properties. This facial provides instant relief from skin tightness and discomfort. Comfort and radiance is restored, a true delight for dry skin!





Hydra-moisture source                                                 

A truly hydrating moisture treatment featuring active marine ingredients and vegetable milks combined with a unique mask to combat dehydration, improve skin texture, and leave the skin feeling soft and radiant.




Aquarelle Facial                                                          

A truly revitalising facial to re-mineralise and hydrate your skin. Incorporating our specific anti-wrinkle massage, marine algae mask, and nourishing ingredients, your skin receives the ideal combination of anti-ageing, re-mineralisation and hydration. Tailored to suit your skin type.




Cold Marine Facial                                                       

A haven of relaxation for fragile, delicate and sensitive skin, this intensely soothing cool mint treatment leaves your complexion fresh and luminous. Reviving marine and plant extracts work to decongest the skin, and redness is visibly reduced. Your skin feels firmer, and is protected against further external aggressions.           



Fundamental Wrinkle Control Facial                                 

A precision anti-ageing facial, featuring unique wrinkle filler strips, enriched with hyaluronic acid microspheres, applied wrinkle by wrinkle to fill in fine lines and plump out wrinkles from within. Combined with a “second skin” mask to drench the skin with substance initiale marine, a complex rich in algae extract, peptides and energising plant extracts. Intensely moisturised, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and “de-creased”




Exceptional Facial                                                       

This revolutionary facial incorporates a unique mask using natural biological cellulose, and marine algae hormones, to work on all the signs associated with ageing. An intensive moisturising, soothing and lifting treatment to target fine lines, wrinkles and moisture deficiency. Your skin will feel like never before!

Suitable for all skin types, especially those showing signs of hormone deficiencies such as lack of skin tone, dehydration and fragility.