We need to know the nail CND Vinylux +  

We're gearing up to celebrate our centenary year at the Vogue Festival in association with Harrods , and you can come along and experience a Vogue 100 manicure in the Vogue World beauty area with CND Vinylux. With three different designs on the menu, you can choose between a gold, silver or black manicure (the Vogue 100 colours) with or without a Minx "V" transfer. With CND professionals on hand to make your nails centenary ready, you can also buy your manicure colour on the day to keep your celebratory nails going all year long.

Mini Oxy Skin is good for body treatment +  

Mini Oxy Skin - Portable oxygen jet device for oxygen facials and body treatments

Mini Oxy Skin is as small as a bag (measures 37,5 x 21 x 33 cm, weight 5 kg) but, able to ensure great oxygen facials and body treatments. So compact and portable, it hosts a powerful oxygen concentrator, able to develop till 5 litres oxygen per minute, delivering 85% pure oxygen for oxygen facials and body treatment and for oxygen aroma inhalation. Everything to improve your wellness in the most compact oxygen beauty & wellness device.

United Arab Emirates develop Middle East spa industry +  

According to a new report the spa market in the Middle East and Africa is valued at AED 11 billion this year (US $3 billion).

The leisure market report prepared by Euromonitor International ahead of The Leisure Show 2016 and Piscine Middle East 2016 reveals that the UAE shares over 14 per cent of this market with a value of AED 1.59 billion (US $435 million).

Rabia Yasmeen, research analyst at Euromonitor International, commented: “Hotel and resort spas are most common in this region.

Take good care of your body +  

With a season change upon us, it's important to take extra good care of ourselves. So I've designed this little 20-step plan, full of tips on how to re-vamp without feeling hungry or doing anything too extreme.

Be ready to take it easy and wake up the next day feeling better than ever.

1. Start your day with a warm cup of water and lemon.

Paul & Joe Makeup Collection Fall 2016 +  

Based off of a fun Warner Brothers collaboration, this is the cutest makeup line for fall, encompassing pressed powders, blush and lipstick tones, captured inside special limited edition packaging that comes adorned with the famous cartoon characters. The UK launch date of the collection is set for August 2016, when you’ll be able to snap up your favorite cartoonish makeup product at Selfridges.

These 5 Things You Should Know Before Hitting the Nail Salon +  

If you’re like most women, you’re getting more mani/pedis in summer. So we spoke with top manicurists to get the lowdown on what to know before your next salon visit. Your manimonday post is already looking better.

Here Are The 6 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams +  


The first and only wrinkle cream I've ever used, this super potent anti-ager from New York City dermatologist Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, MD, PhD, FAAD, PC (yes, she has that many degrees) goes on totally invisible and smells like nothing. But don't let the invisible delivery fool you–it really works. And if the price tag burns a little, consider the fact that Macrene's ingredients (including hyaluronic acid and peptides) remain active for up to two years. —Leah Chernikoff, Editorial Director

How to Summer Proof Your Hair +  

What’s not to love about summer? From your hair’s perspective, however, there’s hardly a more threatening season. Between drying chlorine and frizz-provoking humidity, the elements are ready to wreak havoc on your strands. Better take these simple steps to ensure your styles shine through your summer vacay. 
To many, it’s barefoot, beach waves and barbecues as far as the eye can see. 
To block chlorine

The 5 Top Tips on Creating Your Own Acrylic Nail Designs +  

With a little practice you can create your own acrylic designs with tools which are both cheap and easily accessible.The great thing about designs for acrylic nails is that they are a fun way of making your nails look attractive. And although most people may not have the necessary skills to make their own designs, it’s not an impossible task either. 

15 Abstract Artistic Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Shine +  

Some of these elaborate nail art designs are hardly to incorporate into DIY stencils as they do require some amazing painting skills. After all, you are to continue what once started such great abstractionists as cubist Pablo Picasso, geometric abstractionist Wassily Kandinsky or Kazimir Malevich, the author of the much-buzzed-about “Black Square”. Whether you are on the level of a painter or are going to make an appointment with your talented nail technician, any of these 15 abstract nail art designs will require many hours of patient sitting.