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How to save damaged hair

Damaged hair looks unhealthy and can often feel dry. It also frequently features split ends, frizz and looks dull in appearance. Damaged hair is usually the result of processing hair through heat styling, coloring and excessive styling. Find out how to treat and protect it in four steps.

How to save damaged hair
1. Trim: Trimming your hair prevents your hair’s split ends from unraveling even more and allowing the area of damage to become larger. Cut as much as you deem necessary to remove damage. Try to trim your hair every two to three months to avoid damage.

2. Avoid Heat: When possible let your hair air dry or curl it using non-heat products such as rollers.

3. Avoid Chemical Processing: bleaching, coloring or chemical straightening can apply significant stress to your hair. If your hair is damaged but you still want to color or straighten it, discuss gentler options with your hairdresser.

4. Shampoo and Condition Correctly: Select shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for damaged hair and add a leave-in or deep conditioning mask to help restore it.Products with natural oils and humectants, like argan oil, shea butter or coconut water can work wonders on dry hair.