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With so many products promising so many things, it can get confusing! We’ve made it easy for you. These are the five hair care essentials that you should keep handy in your hair care arsenal.

1) Leave-in conditioner 
Not only can these conditioning hair products add extra nourishment to your hair, they also may have UV filters or are specially formulated to protext hair. Have a look at the Garnier Leave-In range for ideas.

2) Hair oil
Adding this little magic-worker to your hair care essentials will transform your styling routine, adding shine to your hair and keeping it silky and smooth all day long.

3) Heat protection
Nobody should be without some form of heat protective hair product. It’s an essential item to use before heat styling to limit the damaging effects to your hair.

4) Straighteners
Speaking of styling, top-notch ceramic hair straighteners are great for smoothing, curling or even creating subtle waves.