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Cupping Therapy: Face, Head and Neck Will Be Relief +  

Cupping therapy, or vacuum therapy, can be used for a variety of applications, from head to toe. One special focus is the head, neck and face, as these are often areas of pain and dysfunction. Headaches, sinusitis, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, lymphatic issues, chronic inflammation, and surgical preparation and recovery are common concerns for many people who come to see massage therapists.

Meditation expert Sarah McLean returns to Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in 2017 for a Satori Mindfulness Meditation Spa Retreat. +  

Meditation expert Sarah McLean returns to Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in 2017 for a Satori Mindfulness Meditation Spa Retreat. Scheduled Jan. 22-25, 2017, the three-night program with McLean, who is the founding director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company, is designed to impart deep relaxation, balance, mindfulness and self-reflection. The retreat will accommodate both beginners and seasoned meditation practitioners, and is an opportunity to “restart” the mind and body as the new year commences.

Be Happy and Make Money—with Holiday Spa Treatments +  

The holiday season is here.

Supermarkets advertise specials on turkeys and stuffing. Department stores have replaced back-to-school displays with cozy sweaters and warm woolen mittens.Roadside stands overflow with pumpkins and apples. Along with the good feelings and celebrations comes a dose of stress. Travel, family get-togethers, shopping for presents and social gatherings can all contribute to feeling frazzled.

Some Essential Oils suit for Lymphatic Drainage Massage +  

If you specialize in lymphatic drainage massage, you can enhance the effectiveness of your sessions by adding aromatherapy.

By using certain essential oils to help address lymphatic stagnancy and lymphedema, you may find clients will experience less swelling in tissues, decreased body bloat, and reduced glandular or joint swelling, followed by decreased pain.



A day at the spa will melt your tensions away—especially at one of these luxurious spa retreats.

The Secrets of Selling More Spa Services +  

If you are anything like me, providing your clients spa services is a welcome change from doing massages day after day.

Spa treatments can give you a fun break in your routine, save your hands and bring in extra money—adding just two spa services to your practice each week at $75 apiece can add $7,800 per year to your pre-taxed income.


Need a spa getaway on the go? Miami International Airport features two spas inside its corridors — talk about the perfect place to relax and unwind while traveling. Spas are popping up inside airports all over the country, igniting a trend of what’s known as POD, or pampering on demand.

Some Essential Oils to Help Your Clients Highly Sensitive +  

As a massage therapist, you likely know that essential oils are wonderful tools for creating a soothing, therapeutic massage experience.

Maybe you are already using essential oils—I hope so. When I check in for my monthly massage. I think most massage clients feel the same way about essential oils, even highly sensitive people,I love to see essential oils as an add-on option .


Provide Wet-Room Spa services Techniques in a Dry Room +  

When she opened her massage practice in 2003, Laura Allen didn’t have any intention of offering spa services.

“However, almost as soon as we opened, people started calling and wanted to know if we did spa treatments,” Allen recalls. “I thought, well, if I don’t offer them, they’ll go somewhere else, and it will probably be more convenient for them to get their massage wherever they go, too—so I decided to put spa services on the menu.”

Spa & Wellness Travel Trends in 2017 +  

Eat-Well Detox Holidays

Top 3 Destinations: Ti Sana Liver Detox (Italy), Kamalaya Comprehensive Detox Rejuvenation (Thailand), Como Shambhala Estate Detox, Bali (pictured at top)