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Hairstyles for Women Over 30 +  

Your Hair in Your 30s

10 Bargain Shampoos That Make Your Hair Feel Like a Million Bucks +  

Good news for the budget-conscious beauty. The drugstore right now is rife with top-performing shampoos that cost less than your monthly Netflix subscription -- you just have to know what to shop for. The golden rule: Choose one that's made for your specific hair type because one formula rarely fits all. Need a cheat sheet? We got clean in the name of research to bring you the best bargain washes for your mane concern.

If your hair is ...


How to Summer Proof Your Hair +  

What’s not to love about summer? From your hair’s perspective, however, there’s hardly a more threatening season. Between drying chlorine and frizz-provoking humidity, the elements are ready to wreak havoc on your strands. Better take these simple steps to ensure your styles shine through your summer vacay. 
To many, it’s barefoot, beach waves and barbecues as far as the eye can see. 
To block chlorine

Here are Gala's 2016 Best Celebrity Hairstyles and Makeup +  

When it comes to borrowing some fashion and beauty tips, thereunto edgy and audacious ones to be printed in memories longer than usually, the annual fundraising Met Gala high-heeled attendees are who it is worth looking to for inspiration. The Met Gala 2016 came to its end on May 2, 2016 working like a charm to celebrate Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit, themed as “Manus x Machina”. Remaining within the “Manus x Machina” theme, sparkling silver and golden moments were running the gamut, vampy bloody pouts were ceaselessly tantalizing, while high ponytails were riding high and mighty.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair,These 7 Hacks You've Been Missing Out On +  

To condition or not to condition, to oil or not to oil - when it comes to your hair you'll find all kinds of advice.Try and include iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, fish, pumpkin seeds, beans, chickpea, soybeans and cereals in your diet. Doctors suggest that you consume around  12 mg of iron daily. You also need protein because that's what strengthens your hair. Include complete proteins which are also rich in amino acids: like cheese, milk, soy, lentils, peas, quinoa and yogurt.