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What's Your Pick For Hair Smoothening Or Hair Straightening ? +  

There is good and bad. There is 'what do you need', which may or may not be 'what do you want'. The dilemma of hair smoothening versus hair straightening also has these aspects, wherein, one is touted to be better than the other. However, the outcome that you want may only be obtained by that which is not good for you.Hair smoothening and hair straightening (permanent hair straightening) both are chemical processes, therefore, both have side effects. Yes, you read it right and this brings us to the question, which one is better?


There’s one element of your ensemble that likely never changes: your trusty ponytail,no matter how many printed leggings or stylish sneakers are in your workout wardrobe .

I’m talking about the braided ponytail, a super-chic hybrid of those ubiquitous boxer braids and the classic pony.Thankfully, a newly trending hairstyle gives everyone’s go-to updo a much-needed makeover.


You’ve chucked your petroleum-filled lip balms, your paraben-laden moisturizer, and your aluminum-based deodorant. But what about your shampoo bottle?

That’s why we turned to an OG on the natural hair care scene, John Masters Organics, to get schooled in how to achieve hair #goals—without the use of potentially problematic chemicals.


The goal: A bold red lip and even bolder hair for your holiday party look. The issue: You’ve got the luxe natural lipstick…but that aerosol can of hair spray is anything but natural.

The solution: John Masters Organics’ Hair Spray. It’s a total game-changer.

Hairstyles for Women Over 30 +  

Your Hair in Your 30s

10 Bargain Shampoos That Make Your Hair Feel Like a Million Bucks +  

Good news for the budget-conscious beauty. The drugstore right now is rife with top-performing shampoos that cost less than your monthly Netflix subscription -- you just have to know what to shop for. The golden rule: Choose one that's made for your specific hair type because one formula rarely fits all. Need a cheat sheet? We got clean in the name of research to bring you the best bargain washes for your mane concern.

If your hair is ...


The best hairstyling trends for 2016 +  

New year, new hair. This 2016 comes with many objectives and for many people one of those goals is a complete makeover, or perhaps a change in their style. Whether you have rapunzel's hair or short hair, we have plenty of options for hairstyles, cuts and colors you can choose from. With bangs or no bangs? Straight or wavy? Imagination is the limit! Discover some of the best hairstyling trends for 2016 and seek for an inspirational look that fits your personality.

Here Are 20 Fashion Bloggers & It Girls With Balayage Hair +  

What the top fashion bloggers on Instagram deliver is more than visual content; it’s a first-hand experience with brands and trends that you, as a young user that lives too far away from Chanel atelier, might be missing on. Here’s another chance to follow up with these influencers, but this time we’ll be reviewing the top 20 fashion bloggers and It girls with balayage hairstyles.

Here are Gala's 2016 Best Celebrity Hairstyles and Makeup +  

When it comes to borrowing some fashion and beauty tips, thereunto edgy and audacious ones to be printed in memories longer than usually, the annual fundraising Met Gala high-heeled attendees are who it is worth looking to for inspiration. The Met Gala 2016 came to its end on May 2, 2016 working like a charm to celebrate Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit, themed as “Manus x Machina”. Remaining within the “Manus x Machina” theme, sparkling silver and golden moments were running the gamut, vampy bloody pouts were ceaselessly tantalizing, while high ponytails were riding high and mighty.

Hair Accessory Trends for this Spring/ Summer 2016 +  

Throwing a retrospective look to the spring/ summer 2016 hairstyle trends we see wind-swept, tousled wavy hair, tight or kinky curls, sleek ponytails and diversely styled braids to be uber-trendy and voguish. But leave it to hair accessories to give your whole outfit some extra charisma and pizzazz.