Pore Perfection: 9 Ways to Minimize Pores +  

Can you really shrink your pores?

Sorry to say it: The idea that you can "shrink" or "close" your pores is a beauty myth. "Everybody has a physiologic pore size," says Debra Jaliman, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist and author of Skin Rules. How large (or small) they are is determined by genetics. That said, a buildup of dead skin, oil, dirt, and even the loss of collagen can stretch out your pores, making them appear even larger. Here's how to make your pores as small as possible.

The Best Beauty Products You Can Buy from Your Friends +  

From the high school friend who posts about her life-changing mascara to the flawless-skinned former co-worker who sells anti-aging creams, you've probably noticed that Facebook has become a major marketplace for beauty. And at some point, you'll probably find yourself at an online (or in-house) party wondering what to buy. Consider this your direct-to-consumer beauty cheat sheet. Here, products that are worth the "like" – and your cash.

Hairstyles for Women Over 30 +  

Your Hair in Your 30s

10 Bargain Shampoos That Make Your Hair Feel Like a Million Bucks +  

Good news for the budget-conscious beauty. The drugstore right now is rife with top-performing shampoos that cost less than your monthly Netflix subscription -- you just have to know what to shop for. The golden rule: Choose one that's made for your specific hair type because one formula rarely fits all. Need a cheat sheet? We got clean in the name of research to bring you the best bargain washes for your mane concern.

If your hair is ...


We found the best products for skin cleansing for less than $12! +  

Did you know that our skin suffers during summer?

In hot weather we sweat, our pores get clugged,

and some of the sun protectors are not gentle for our skin. Thus we need to provide basic steps to achieve perfectly smooth skin - deep skin cleansing.

I picked the best cleansing products for less than $12! Cleansing gels, foams, soaps, micellar waters - all can cleanse your skin perfectly and give it a new fresh glow.

All for a few bucks. Here we go!

Check them out:



Anti-Aging Beauty At Every Age +  

There are radiant rewards to maintaining proper skincare throughout your adult life. The pursuit of a perfect complexion may be just at the end of a well thought out routine that evolves with age. The key is to start early and continue concentrating on maintaining a healthy skincare routine as your body and environment changes.


When it comes to selecting the right makeup, your skin tone plays a crucial role. Right now, you may be wondering how to find your skin tone in order to make a great purchase. What factors should you take into consideration? Are you a warm or a cool? What if your skin tone doesn’t fall under any of those categories? These and more questions take place when you are about to shop for your foundation, powder and even eye shadows. Luckily, I have great news for you!

How to Remove The Makeup +  

Did you know that proper makeup removal is a crucial step for having a clear and smooth skin? Most girls don’t know how to remove makeup correctly or are too tired after a long day at work or school and simply go to bed with their makeup on. If you are one of those girls, know that there are several damaging consequences for not taking off your making at night. Some of them include irregular skin tone, dryness, irritation and acne among others.

The Best Organic Skin Care Products +  

There is a symbiotic relationship that exists between your skin and your skin care, more specifically referring to how your skin reacts with what you put onto and into it. This highly intelligent organ functions as both and absorbing and eliminating part of our system – the largest one in fact. But unlike the food we eat, which gets filtered through the liver first, our skin provides a direct passage to the blood stream and now, more than ever, requires the best organic skin care products to help it thrive.

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs Daisy +  

American fashion designer Marc Jacobs was born in New York City, and designed his first collection in 1986. Since then, his designs have earned him numerous awards across the globe, and he served as the creative director of Louis Vuitton for 16 years. The Marc Jacobs brand is loved by style-conscious women everywhere, especially by those who love fresh and elegant fragrances.